Monday, March 23, 2009

Pet Society New Items - Week 13

Here's the list of new Pet Society items for week 13. Nice selection we have, eh. Jo-jo had a great time busting her credit limit buying everything she saw. In all, she must have spent at least 40k Pet Society coins, GAG!!!!!! There are quite a few new outfits too, but i forgot to add them to the list here. No problem, Jo-jo shall model them all for you later on.

Meanwhile, hurry up and go grab everything you see from the shelves. I just love the latest Pet Society Jukes and Lips. Definitely cuter that the two previous ones, eh. And way cheaper too at 5000 coins and 3000 coins respectively. I bet Jo-jo is going to enjoy her evenings sitting on her Pink Princess Swing Seat. Ok, if you dont have the money to buy them all, then use the Mystery Box Cheat. CHEERS!!!!

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